On perspective

Looking through my laptop somedays ago and I found some old pictures of myself taken about 2-3 years ago. Some of these pictures where those I considered horrible but for some reason I kept them. Now as I reminisced on those pictures, I find beauty in them and I am glad I kept them. Now these pictures did not change but something did, my perspective. Personally, I believe our perspective is affected by change in time and knowledge. Knowledge is acquired over time and with knowledge, perspective are either reinforced or they change. An example of this for me is … Continue reading On perspective

Looking at a bigger picture

Have not posted on this blog in a while, life has been happening. lots of things I have wanted to post but I could not get myself to click the publish button. Writing for me is an outer, a way of escape in an unexplainable kind of way… Let’s just leave it at that. It’s easy to say how we want things to go or how we would act differently before we get into a situation, but one thing life has taught me so far is that talk is cheap and in as much as we think we would do … Continue reading Looking at a bigger picture

Social media intimidation?!

So I decided to take a little social media break. I do it from time to time mostly to assure myself that I am not an addict and to pay more attention to pressing life issues like talking to people.😁 This particular break was/is needed. I was starting feel like my life is on a standstill based on what I see people accomplishing online. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy when people especially those closest to me make progress, I do not just want to fall into the habit of comparing successes, and that is what I feel social … Continue reading Social media intimidation?!

Money and value

As a kid growing up, I always had the desire to be successful financially. For me it meant being able to work and earn my own living and never be dependent. I do not care about being super rich and being on Forbes, but I do want to earn enough to take care of myself and my dependents, invest, do all I desire to do and still have extra left. I still do have that desire, and this girl is working and praying hard that I get to that level, but before I do, value still needs to be constantly … Continue reading Money and value

Tips for Africans planning to study in Europe

From my experience, and through my day to day interactions, I have to come to realize that a lot of people especially young Africans long to leave the shores of their country. Most would like to leave in search of better opportunities, some leave because the opportunity is offered to them on a platter of gold, others leave because they would like to gain experiences that better their chances at an international career, some still would like to leave because their respective countries have frustrated them. This write up is not to debate the legitimacy of their ambitions, but to … Continue reading Tips for Africans planning to study in Europe

My life as a International student in Denmark

I have seen a lot of articles from students who have studied and are studying in different countries, their experiences helped me and gave me a little glimpse of what I should expect, and I am grateful for that. I would like to add my own experiences to the pool of resources available to future student and I hope you all (future students) benefit from it. As an African who had never been out of my lovely continent before, it was an experience I looked forward to. I always had the desire to study abroad ever since I can remember. … Continue reading My life as a International student in Denmark